As a painter, Joanne paints using vibrant color with mixed media textures & layers in a meditative freestyle.  She began painting in the summer of 2004 while living in South Florida.  Inspired by the abundance of mangos falling from her neighbor’s mango tree, Joanne painted, photographed and cook with mangos for several months. Upon returning to New York City, she realized she wanted to expand her painting practice from her small apartment to a studio space.   From 2005 – 2009, Joanne had an art studio in Chinatown.  Over the years, she shared the space with several talented artists.  It was there that she began to experiment and play with color on large canvases.   Her first solo exhibit was in September 2008 in the Lower East Side of NYC.  Joanne is a self taught painter and continues to experiment with new techniques.   She is very grateful to have studio at Sulfur Studios in Savannah GA. Joanne creates art designed to encourage others to take inspired action to be part of the collaborative solutions to heal yourself and our planet.  Open Studios at Sulfur Studios is every First Friday of the month.     CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ART

After the 2016 Presidential Election, we collected the politicians yard signs and painted positive messages.   We’ve been putting them up in different neighborhoods.

Magic Passion Love Art Party – An afternoon of Painting   
Everyone is an artist! Living your life can be an art especially when living from the heart! What do you need in your life to make your life art? During these 3-hour session, you paint your tree of life that represents your goals, dreams and successes.  Joanne leads you in positive energy exercises and share some examples to inspire your inner artist.  All levels of artists are encouraged to come.

If you are interested in coming to a MPL Art Party – contact Joanne at