Art Parties

I paint my own reality” ~ Frida Kahlo

 Joanne loves making art.   She also loves parties!  So, she’s combined her two favorite things to create Art Parties!

These are private parties where you and your guests create your personal Manifesting Mobile or a painting.  Each Art Party is customized for the host and their guests.   The parties last about 3.5 hours.    Art Party Hosts receive a special gift.  Each guest is entered to win raffle prizes.  Party fee is determined based on materials, time and travel. All levels of artists are welcome.

 To find out more, contact Joanne !

Art Parties are fun and very inspirational!  Joanne shares her positive energy exercises and tips to inspire the inner artists.  We pull oracle cards and do a guided meditation that inspires interesting conversation and “good vibes” among guests. It’s an experience they remember long after the event is over.

At the Art Parties, Joanne provides enlightened entertainment that offers true soulful benefits to party guests.  Everyone is able to release their stress, anxiety, depression and leave the party with a fresh approach to their daily lives.     PLUS there is always good food, drink and lots of LAUGHTER!!!  

Paint Your Tree of Life

Create a painting of a tree that represents your goals, dreams and successes. The Tree of Life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future.

Each person paints their own version of their tree of life. Art materials are included in the price.

Manifesting Mobile

The Manifesting Mobile is a vision board that moves. It is a collection of circles with images and words  that reflect your dreams.  When you hang your uniquely  designed kinetic art, you are reminded daily  of your positive ideas.  

Each person makes their own manifesting mobile at the party. They are encouraged to bring personal images they want to add. Art materials are included in the price.