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I painted 100 small works of abstract art in January 2018.  The intention was to begin the new year painting to express my commitment to myself regarding my art.  Every year, we make commitments – the question is how long do you keep them?

The other reason I painted this series is to add more “love vibes” into the collective consciousness (go here to read about this! )

As of June, I have 70 paintings left and they are available for sale!   If you are interested in one of the pieces, please contact me at – SUBJECT “we are here to love”  —  They are available for a heart donation – prefer $15 minimum.  Shipping fees will be extra.

Great for gifts – Great for your home – Great for Politicians! 


I am currently creating an inventory of them – I can send you a random one or we can arrange for a viewing.   Modern Technology is amazing!