Card Readings

I offer personal video card readings for $50. Send me your request for a reading and I will email you the details. Once payment is received, you will receive your personal card reading video within in 24 hours. These are wonderful ways to relieve stress, find clarity, and perfect gifts.

Once you may submit your request for your Card Reading Video in a text me or email. I will send you instructions and payment details. Once you have sent your payment, you will receive your private You Tube video within 24 hours via text or email. Longer readings are available upon request via Zoom.

It’s been over 20 years since I bought by very first oracle card deck. Since then I have a collection of 17 decks! Some women collect shoes, some women collect cards! These cards have helped me move through challenges as well as remind me to celebrate my successes. Oracle cards are different than Tarot cards in the sense that Oracle Decks are more free-flowing and open to many levels of interpretation that the strict rules of the Tarot don’t allow. Which is why I prefer Oracle cards. When I pull cards for others, I feel like the guide to navigate your cards for you. I do add my insight however, the reading is between you and your spirit.