Community Engagement Art

Manifesting Mobile: A Vision Board for Humanity

The Manifesting Mobile is aimed at providing a structured creative experience in which participants are able to experience a reconnection, “zip zap of positive energy”, with hope, power and practical avenues through which members in the community can take simple and immediate action to transform themselves and their community in a positive direction.  

The intention with the Manifesting Mobile is to travel and collaborate with local artists and organizations to share environmental issues with a focus on using positive visualization to co-create a world that is healthy and sustainable for future generations.  Joanne hopes to seek out audience and hopes to stir within them a push to participate in a building a better future for the children of the world. 

The Manifesting Mobile is created at public community events that happen throughout the city. The goals of the events are trifold.  First, people will create their unique art for the mobile using simple cardboard circles and art materials. Second, local organizations and nonprofits are invited to share their mission and offer volunteer opportunities, so people feel empowered to take action.  And finally, there is an opportunity for people to discuss their personal, global, and local visions with each other.

The purpose of the Community Engagement Art project is to bring awareness to the fact that it doesn’t matter your race, age, economic background, sexual preference, education, religion or even political party – all humans desire family, friends, love, a place to live, a sense of purpose, and to have a positive experience. The Manifesting Mobile offers the participant a creative reminder that we are connected to others who share in a peaceful vision for our planet.

I have been inviting people to participate in this project since 2010, after I took the action step to travel around the country with the intention of creating the mobile.  


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The Manifesting Mobile has traveled to 15 states and has been exhibited in:  New York City, Savannah, GA, Tallahassee FL,
Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, and St Paul MN.

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