DiY Magic Passion Love Manifesting Mobile Kit ™ ©

The Manifesting Mobile ™© is a vision board that moves. The hanging mobile is comprised of wishes and dreams. It is a great tool to help clarify and maintain focus on your life goals.

Kit includes Two (2) Mobiles, string and wire.   All you need is Scissors, Glue, Magazines, Photos, Stickers.  Glitter is really fun to use too! 

One mobile is blank for you to design both sides while the other mobile has an art print titled, “Energy in Motion” by Joanne Morton.    Feel the energy in everything

Order Today – $20.00 (includes tax and shipping)



Special Price for Teachers, Coaches and Therapists.   Call us at 917-676-4280 for more details. 

How to Manifest Your Dream Life

Ask yourself these questions …

What is your greatest passion and brings you joy?

How does it feel to act as if you already have what you desire?

Are you willing to trust in yourself to be fully responsible for your life? Your dreams?

Are you willing to believe that it is possible for your dreams to come true?

Follow these tips…

Release old negative thoughts, stories, ideas and beliefs

State your intentions, in present tense, out loud

Feel your new thoughts in your mind and heart

Live as if you already have all that you desire

Practice, have Patience and be Persistent

Repeat Daily to visualize your Dream Life!