Part journal, part art book, part bible – enter the creative world of positive energy artist, Joanne Morton. This is her creative inspiration that allows her to access Magic Passion Love in her life and she is inviting you to come along!

In January 2018, Kickstarter  invited creators to participate in Make 100, a creative initiative focused on editions of 100.  This project inspired me to paint 100 abstract paintings.

Chinatown Studio NYC 2005-09

The inspiration for the design and colors of my abstract work is automatic as I allow myself to go into a trance, an active meditative state of being.   I use brushes and my fingers as tools.  Dripping the paint is my favorite part of my process for my mind gets lost in the motion of where the paint lands as well as how it feels to toss the liquid in the air. 

Your art is magnificent in my family room. I love it! I have a cathedral ceiling and its perfect. The colors are made for the room. WOW!!!

Lou Romano, art collector

The Manifesting Mobile is a globally collaborative art traveling installation.  The Manifesting Mobile is made up of recycled cardboard circles artfully collaged by participants.  The circles represent people’s dreams and visions for themselves and/or the world.  People from all walks of life ranging from young and old contribute to decorating the circles. When it is exhibited, the circles are strung across the room in rows of circles. Each exhibition is hand-tailored to the space. People are invited to walk through it as a meditative experience.

Joanne Morton brings out the best in people. It’s her reason for being. Its (MPL) true, its succinct and to the point.   – Ken Courtney