Work With Joanne

Make Sharing Gratitude a regular organizational practice.

Your employees will feel both appreciated and valued, and their productivity and engagement will increase by leaps and bounds

During a Gratitude Circle, a facilitator guides the participants to state out loud three things they are grateful for – something about their job, their home and health.  Each person has 2-3 minutes to share.  The circle is closed with reflection from the facilitator and others.  Circles have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 participants.  

Joanne started hosting Gratitude Circles in 2013 in the historic squares in Savannah, GA. Since then Joanne has shared gratitude with 900+ people in over 150 public gatherings in person and online. Joanne’s vibrant energy offers a fresh and fun environment for an hour of uplifting conversation!

“This experience has inspired me in so many ways!  I had no idea who would show up and I’ve never did one alone.  They even happened even when I’m couldn’t be there!  We met on Christmas and New Year’s Day, in the rain, in the heat, in the cold.  Weather didn’t stop us.   We even met at midnight on a warm summer night in 2014!   Friendships were created, random strangers joined us, lots of selfies were taken, and free hugs were always given.”

For more  Gratitude Circle in the Squares Facebook page.

– Joanne
Mondays 8-9pm est
June 22 – Nov 16, 2020

I will be hosting these for the 21 weeks on Facebook Live! Visit: Magic Passion Love is Positive Energy Facebook Page

 I’m really excited to see how the Manifesting Circles shifts what we are creating in our individual lives and in our communities.   I plan to invite Special Guests who inspire me with what they are manifesting by accessing and Activating their Magic Passion Love!

 By sharing your intentions out loud, others will be able to lend their energy for it to manifest easier.     This is a SAFE SPACE to state out loud what you are manifesting.   

Please bring paper and pen, be in a space where you can stand up and get ready to have some fun, after all manifesting is all about ENJOYING LIFE!

Suggested Donation: $10
Pay Pal
Venmo @joanne-morton
Cash App $joannemorton
Pay It Forward to a community group doing good work!

You are invited to share what you are manifesting for our communities – our country.   We will not only share what our intentions – we will share what ACTION you will take to co-create your intention.

The basic rules to Law of Attraction is Thoughts/Feelings + Action = Outcome

The Action part is just as important than the Visualizing (thoughts/feelings) because the Universe operates with Energy.  Action creates Energy.  Thoughts create Energy.  Feelings create Energy.   The question is what kind of Energy are you creating?  

This is where coming to a Magic Passion Love Manifesting Circle helps you create POSITIVE ENERGY in your everyday life.  

Visit: Magic Passion Love is Positive Energy Facebook Page

Positive Energy Mentoring

Let’s have a Private Positive Energy Party JUST FOR YOU!!

Get ready for a  wonderful afternoon or evening to release stress, and anxiety.  Afterwards, you will have a  fresh perspective on your life and your personal goals.  Joanne shares her personal story and tips to inspire you.   

At your Personal Positive Energy Party, we pull cards, do a guided meditation and movement.    Be prepared to have conversations of “good vibes.”  FEE: $25-45

If you would like to add a creative element, you have a choice between creating your personal Manifesting Mobile or a painting your Tree of Life.  We will add another hour to your booking. FEE: $75-90

This Positive Energy Party is all about CELEBRATING YOU!

All levels of artists are welcome.

Due to COVID-19, I have had to stop offering group classes. My hope is we will be able to gather again safely. Until then, I am hoping to connect with you for private lessons. If your family or housemates would like to join you, let’s talk about making this happen!

Paint Your Tree of Life

Create a painting of a tree that represents your goals, dreams and successes. The Tree of Life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. Each person paints their own version of their tree of life.

Fees are  determined based on materials, location, time and travel.  All levels of artists are welcome. Art materials, beverages (wine optional) and snacks are included in the fee.

Make Your Manifesting Mobile

The Manifesting Mobile is a vision board that moves. It is a collection of circles with images and words  that reflect your dreams.  When you hang your uniquely  designed kinetic art, you are reminded daily  of your positive goals.  Each person makes their own manifesting mobile at the party. 

Fees are  determined based on materials, location, time and travel.  All levels of artists are welcome. Art materials, beverages (wine optional) and snacks are included in the fee. Participants are asked to bring personal photos/images to add to their mobiles.