Work with Joanne

Joanne offers people practical avenues through which they can take simple and immediate action to transform themselves and their communities in a positive direction.

An online creative wellness event for remote workers that uses laughter and gratitude to uplift morale and increase productivity with a fun and fresh perspective.

RECESS for Grownup is a ZOOM call that lasts up to hour for 5-10 participants. Also included is an pre-zoom call with the team leader/manager/owner of the business and follow up email that includes the recording of RECESS, notes and download activities for the staff to help maintain a positive mindset. For rates, information and availability – click the button for more information and contact form.

Working with the ideas of Magic Passion Love is amazing! It is allowing me to connect with other co-creators and has made my intent of performing my music to come to life. – Jill Chang 


Magic Passion Love Art Party is a fun and uplifting get together with your friends.  These are an ideal way to stay aligned to making your dreams come true while celebrating the power of friendship. Also included are Positive Energy Card Readings. I’m currently offering online readings. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

“Joanne sparks the imagination and keeps us focused on the reward of feeling good and spreading your magic.  She is constantly creating the reality she wants for herself and inspires those around her to do the same.  Magic passion love is inside of you too, cool, huh?”  🙂

-Julie Staub, photographer