Joanne’s Artist Story

I am a multi-media artist who uses words, images and experiences to create & promote Positive Energy. 

My mission is to align myself and collaborate with people who allow Magic, feel Passion and live Love.  I believe it’s vital for humans to support each other.  When you activate your inner positive energy source, you add power to the growing conscious collective.

My intention is to focus on the positive vision of humanity coming together, through my art and events.  We have the technology and information to heal the planet and ourselves consciously. With more of us focusing on this collective vision, the easier it is for all of us to tap into the power of the abundant energy of the Universe!

We Are Here to Love Series

I grew up in the mid-west and dreamt of moving to New York City to be an artist.   In 1994, I manifested an opportunity to move to the East Village and found a magical apartment – rent stabilized!!    In 2005, I got my first art studio in Chinatown.    In 2009, I began to realize that I wanted to be a full time artist instead of a full time New Yorker.    I left NYC in April 2010 to travel the country with my Manifesting Mobile project.   My first stop was Atlanta then I discovered Tybee Island / Savannah.   After traveling for a few years, I returned to Savannah to put down some roots.    In Savannah, I found an amazing community that understands what it means to Think globally, Act locally.

I make art that inspires me and others to feel good and to take action to heal the world.   My intention with my art is to increase the positive energy in the collective consciousness. 

With more positive energy in the world, there is more opportunity for more people to find inner peace. In order for world peace, we first must find inner peace which means we must have self-love.      

It is time to love all people including yourself!  If you value kindness and honesty, this is your action.  We must respond to hate/fear with Love.