Joanne’s Artist Story

I make art that inspires me and others to feel good and to take action to heal the world.   Like many others, I find myself frustrated, sad, and angry of the current state of affairs in our nation and around the world.  However, I believe in the power of Universal Law of Attraction.  It is this belief in Higher Energy Source that I tap into daily to find the strength to move through the frustration, sadness and anger.   My personal intention is to feel good being myself 24/7 and to feeling good to me means allowing Magic, feeling Passion and living Love.    In order for me to feel good in my every day life, it is important for me to attract positive people and opportunities.

My wish is for everyone to feel good because when you feel good, you are kind, compassionate and at peace.   There is a lot of healing to be done in our communities on the local, national and global levels.   All of us have an important role in the healing of humanity.   I invite you to stand up to the injustices in the world and use your skills and talents to uplift each other. 

My intention with my art is to increase the positive energy in the collective consciousness.  With more positive energy in the world, there is more opportunity for more people to find inner peace.  In order for world peace, we first must find inner peace which means we must have self-love.      

Is Self-Love Possible?  You just have to “Believe You Can”.        It is time to love all people including yourself!  If you value kindness and honesty, this is your answer against hate.   I believe it is important to send “Love Vibes” to all people so that their hearts and minds will open.  We must respond to hate with Love.

If we can remember why were are here and share positive energy daily then the planet will be an amazing place for all creatures to thrive and prosper.  

My art is inspired by Magic Passion Love.   I began making art in 2004 when I started my spiritual quest to understand what makes me feel good.   I enjoy playing with color and words to create work that is playful and fun!  Life is to be enjoyed – let’s make it interesting!  

Thank you for your interest in my art.   I love connecting with others who appreciate art and understand that human evolution is not over!