What is Magic Passion Love?

Magic Passion Love is Positive Energy

The world is in a state of chaos. People feel it.  Questions are being asked. 

Are there answers? I am not sure.  

What I am sure of is the Power of Positive Energy.

Positive Energy creates prosperous, healthy, wise and kind people. When we share positive energy, it stops Negative Energy from being dominant. Too much Negative Energy depletes our spirits.   When you are feeling low energy, a zip zap of Positive Energy recharges your spirit. The recharge helps you find balance between the Positive and Negative Energy.

Magic Passion Love is a renewable, sustainable positive energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good. When shared, WOW! — The World needs your WOW!

The cool thing about Magic Passion Love is that it is renewable and sustainable which means even if your energy is low, all you need to do is get a recharge of positive energy to boost your spirit.   Think of jumpstarting a battery in a car.   Everyone could use a jumpstart every now and then.

Being in balance means you are able to go with the flow, adjust to situations and see from different perspectives.   You find balance by activating Magic Passion Love!

I find that our desire for personal and community positive transformation sometimes seems drowned out by media which triggers helplessness, fear or shame. These feelings create a disconnect from our power to make a difference in our lives and communities. 

My work is aimed at providing structured, yet playful experiences in which participants are able to recharge their hope and power using the theory of Universal Law of Attraction (Thoughts + Actions = Outcomes.).  

At my creative wellness events, participants are connected with lists of local organizations that are working in the area of their vision.  They are able to volunteer their skills and learn new skills that will be benefit their community as well as offer positive outcome in their own lives.