Magic Passion Love

We will never win by fighting the bad you will only win by saving the good.

Now is the time to uplift each other including everyone – all ages, races, cultures, classes, sexes and any other way we label people.   I know there’s an imbalance in this world of prosperity and opportunity. This unbalance in our society has been shifting our life experiences out of balance for thousands of years.  Because more people are becoming aware of the whitewashed history, they are unsure of what to do or to believe.   When you don’t know what to do – everyday life can be stressful.    Often when we are stressed, we resist change.    Funny thing about change is, it always going to happen.   And you have the power to make choices about the change in your life.   Those choices you make affect your life and the entire world.  We are connected by a collective consciousness.  Our collective consciousness is experiencing a major shift, right now.

It’s really important to share the positive ideas and visions just as much as it is to report the challenges the drama of life.   Let us take action on building our collective consciousness that represents peaceful, abundant, healing thoughts and visions for our world.

The time is now for us to heal ourselves so we can save the world!   People are the ones to make change.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  Why are we working on creating change – because the of the unbalanced systems are destroying our planet and our economy.  If we love our planet, how can allow it to stripped of all of its natural resources and animals.  How can we stand by when communities are struggling?  How can we ignore our next door neighbor by refusing to smile and wave?  How can we not make the effort to uplift others?  How do we have the courage to take action that promotes peace in our every day lives?

If you are struggling with finding your creative spirit or listening to your soul?    I am here to help!

I work to make change by using art.   Art is everywhere and in everything!  We all have the potential to be creative in everything that we do.  Being creative opens your heart and soul to feeling good.   Everyone deserves to feel good in their life.

I didn’t always feel good – here’s a shorten version of MY STORY!

At the beginning of the 21st Century, I was living in Manhattan and started to ask myself if I really felt good about my life?   It had been a lifelong dream to move to New York City ever since I was a little girl in Ohio.   From the outside, it looked like I was feeling good, I was working in independent film company, living in a rent stabilized apartment in the East Village, had great friends and cute dog. What more could I want?  However, from the inside, I didn’t feel good being me.  I struggled with my choices, my body image and my soul’s yearning for something more.   I knew there was something more for me to do – I knew I had to figure it out.

I took my first road trip in the summer of 2001 – I call it my first Spiritual Quest.  It was an amazing 2 weeks on the road to visit my parents in NE Ohio.   I was starting to find some clarity and then 2 planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers.

September 11, 2001 changed our world forever.  For me, this very sad tragedy represents the first collective consciousness shift for humanity.   Twenty-four hours after the towers fell, anyone who had access to news was feeling the loss and pain of this attack.  There was also a feeling of love and compassion too.   In fact, on the morning of 9/11 when my neighbors and I were watching everything unfold on the rooftop of our building, I had a wave of emotion that evoked a thought that told me – “This is an opportunity for world peace.”   For me, this tells me that out of darkness can come light if we are able to step outside of the hate, fear and greed.  It takes a lot of courage to move out of these dark feelings however, it is necessary more than ever to find the strength to do this.   It was after losing my film job in 2002 that I decided I needed to step out of my fear of listening to my heart and to follow my soul work.

Of course, listening to your heart to do your soul work takes time and effort!  Over the next few years, I faced my internal fears surrounding money, intimacy and self-confidence.  I had some dark moments however, I allowed myself to find the answers through classes, books and new habits.  Through the action steps I was taking, three words came to me that changed my life forever, Magic Passion Love.

Magic Passion Love ™© is a renewable, sustainable positive energy source found within everyone. When used, life feels good.  When shared, WOW!

Magic Passion Love gave me the inspiration to start painting and get an art studio.   Magic Passion Love gave me the tools to manifest abundance.   Magic Passion Love allowed me to attract cool people into my life.  Magic Passion Love gave me the courage to take the leap of faith to leave New York City to travel the country and be a full time artist.

How did these three words change my life?      They changed my life because I allowed my Magic to come through everything that I do, I feel my Passion in all areas of my life, and I live my Love the best I can in all situations.   I discovered, when you active your Magic Passion Love… Magic Passion Love continues to be my guiding philosophy to continue to feel good being me 24/7.

Your PERCEPTION SHIFTS — this is the opportunity for MAGIC to occur!   Your COURAGE SHIFTS — this is how PASSION finds strength Your CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFTS — this means more LOVE is flowing into/through your heart — with more LOVE in your life, means you are Happier, Healthier and you FEEL GOOD BEING YOU!

It’s the consciousness shift that is the most important part of becoming your best self.  We are all connected to the same collective consciousness.  When you have positive thoughts, actions and feelings in your consciousness, your reality changes.  When your reality shifts in a positive way, you are helping shift the collective consciousness.

Magic Passion Love is what makes change easier.

Are you ready to make changes in your life? 

  • Looking for a new perspective on your life and need encouragement?
  • Believe in the power of Local Community
  • Interested in using law of attraction, manifesting, affirmations and gratitude
  • Looking for courage to take bigger action steps in their life – at any stage
  • Curious to see how tapping into your creative self can change your life
  • Ready to manifest a life where you feel good being you 24/7

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I send you much love and courage as you embark on your own spiritual quest!

Trust, Jump, Take Flight – it’s your life – enjoy it!

We are not here for ourselves, but for future generations — this should be our priority.