Vision Board for Humanity

In 2010, Joanne Morton invited people from across the USA to share their wishes and dreams for the world. This is a Social Engagement Project to raise the awareness that humans share a collective vision.  Together people from all walks of life are adding their visions and intentions on circles to create a Vision Board for Humanity or as we like to call it, the Magic Passion Love Manifesting Mobile!






The Manifesting Mobile is a vision board that moves.  It is a growing collection of personal visions for our planet.  People of all ages have shared their wishes, dreams, intentions and visions on circles the size of a CD.  Circles are cut out of recycled cardboard. There are almost 400 circles to date. Both sides of the circles are decorated.  The strands of circles are suspended in a room for exhibition.People are encouraged to walk through the dangling strands to read what people have written. There is a meditative effect of the exhibit and this experience connects humanity to one another.

There is an interactive meditative element as people walk through it.   Many people shared similar visions on their circles: “peace, love, good health, and prosperity.”  When one is walking through the mobile, here are some questions to meditate on for dialogue and solutions:  Why do so many people still struggle?    Why aren’t we listening to our children?  When is it time take inspired action to work together?  What are your skills and talents that you wish to share? How will you be part of the sustainable solutions?