Manifesting Mobile: community engagement art

A Vision Board for Humanity

The Manifesting Mobile is a globally collaborative art installation that travels.  The Manifesting Mobile is made up of recycled cardboard circles artfully collaged by participants.  The circles represent people’s dreams and visions for themselves and/or the world.  People from all walks of life ranging from young and old contribute to decorating the circles. When it is exhibited, the circles are strung across the room in rows of circles. Each exhibition is hand-tailored to the space. People are invited to walk through it as a meditative experience.

The purpose of the Manifesting Mobile is to bring awareness to the fact that it doesn’t matter your race, age, economic background, sexual preference, education, religion or even political party – all humans desire family, friends, love, a place to live, a sense of purpose, and to have a positive experience. The Manifesting Mobile offers the participant a creative reminder that we are connected to others who share in a peaceful vision for our planet.


I have been inviting people to participate in this project since 2010, after I took the action step to travel around the country with the intention of creating the mobile.  I traveled to the West Coast and back, collecting over 300 circles.  

The Manifesting Mobile is created at public community events that happen throughout the city. The goals of the events are trifold.  First, people will create their unique art for the mobile using simple cardboard circles and art materials. Second, local organizations and nonprofits are invited to share their mission and offer volunteer opportunities, so people feel empowered to take action.  And finally, there is an opportunity for people to discuss their personal, global, and local visions with each other.

The Manifesting Mobile has traveled to 15 states and has been exhibited in:  New York City, Savannah, GA, Tallahassee FL,
Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, and St Paul MN.

My goal is to create Manifesting Mobiles for individual cities starting with Savannah in April 2020. Each city will be shown with all of the circles collected from current and previous exhibitions.  Groups that I would like to invite to participate in cities are:  Junior League, Rotary Clubs, churches, neighborhood associations, family groups and environmental organizations.   After the circles have been created, I plan to organize a hanging exhibition of the Manifesting Mobile.