Manifesting Mobile Public Art Project

The Manifesting Mobile is a Vision Board for Humanity!

We are creating a large scale Manifesting Mobile that is a growing collection of personal visions for our planet.  People of all ages have shared their wishes, dreams, intentions and visions on circles the size of a CD.  Circles are cut out of recycled cardboard and decorated on both sides.  The strands of circles are suspended on hemp string in a room for exhibition.  There is an interactive meditative element as people walk through the hanging strands.   Together people from all walks of life are adding their visions and intentions on circles to create a Vision Board for Humanity.


The Manifesting Mobile project started in 2010 when Joanne took it on the road.  The intention with the Manifesting Mobile is to connect positive people and ideas to co-create sustainable solutions for humanity.   People from all walks of life from across the United States have contributed.    The circles reflect their wishes and dreams for themselves and the world.  As you walk through the hanging mobile, you see that people desire the same thing: good health, abundance, life purpose and love.   Everyone also deserves good health, abundance, life purpose and love.    The Magic Passion Love Manifesting Mobile is a platform that manifests prosperity and peace.


Our goal in 2019 is to create more circles to make 1000 total.   This means we need 600 new circles and WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We are asking people to send decorated circles to the Magic Passion Love Art Studio.   All you need to do decorate with words and/or images that represent your positive intentions, and dreams.