My mission is to collaborate with people who allow Magic, feel Passion and live Love.  I believe it’s important (and vital) for humans to support each other.  Through my art and events, my vision is to focus on the positive element of humanity coming together.  We have the technology and knowledge to heal the planet and ourselves consciously.   

When you activate your inner positive energy source, you add power to growing the conscious collective.  With more people focusing on this collective vision, the easier it will be for all of us to tap into the power of the abundant energy of the Universe!    Joanne Morton,  Positive Energy Artist

Magic Passion Love Manifesting Mobile

The Magic Passion Love (MPL) Manifesting Mobile©,  is a Social / Community Engagement project.   It is a public art platform to engage conversation and to take action to build community using art and imagination. 

The MPL Manifesting Mobile is a tool to heal the divisions in our society and the conflicts within ourselves. It offers the participant and the viewer a creative reminder of their important role and their own power to create meaningful change.  Together, we have the ability to co-create positive energy for all of us to access the courage to take inspired action to create a better life and world. This project is for all ages! All People! 

In 2010,  Joanne began her traveling across the United States on her MPL Art USA Tour  collecting circles.  The Manifesting Mobile is a work in progress.   We currently looking for more people to contribute their visions/intentions to the hanging mobile. 

If you would like to add your circle to the mobile.  Send a decorated circle the size of a CD made from a recycled cardboard food box to the  MPL Art Studio @Sulfur Studios 2301 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401.

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