Joanne Morton is a Positive Energy Artist.  She creates art in various mediums, including abstract acrylic paintings, collage and creating positive art experiences.  Joanne paints in an abstract style using vibrant color with mixed media textures & layers in a meditative freestyle..

She has been working on a public art project since 2010.  It is the Magic Passion Love (MPL) Manifesting Mobile©, an interactive project.  This project aims to inspire people to collaborate with each others.  She travelled across the United States in 2012  with the  Manifesting Mobile© on her MPL Art USA Tour.

Joanne offers positive art parties and classes via online or in person at her studio in Sulfur Studios in the Starland District of Savannah,GA.  She has exhibited work in New York City and Savannah,

Joanne has a fresh & honest approach to inspire others how to navigate feelings to be able to feel good and manifest positive energy on a daily basis. When one feels good about themselves, they find themselves healthier, more productive, and having a positive mindset to enjoy the abundance they have in their lives.

If you would like to reach Joanne, email: or call 917/676.4280.

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Joanne is also the Director of Operations for Massive Events in Savannah, GA. Massive Events is a full service event management company that produces the Earth Day Festival and the Food Day Festival in Savannah.  Joanne is on the board of Savannah Urban Garden Alliance and coordinates the monthly GreenDrinks Savannah, a sustainable networking event.

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My mission is to align myself and collaborate with people who allow Magic, feel Passion and live Love. I believe it’s important (and vital) for humans to support each other. When you activate your inner positive energy source, you add power to growing the conscious collective.

Through my art and experiences, my intention is to focus on the positive vision of humanity coming together.  We have the technology and knowledge to heal the planet and ourselves consciously. With more of us focusing on this collective vision, the easier it is for all of us to tap into the power of the abundant energy of the Universe!