About Joanne Morton

Joanne Morton is a Positive Energy Artist

Joanne is a multi-disciplinary artist and constantly experiments with vibrant colors with mixed media textures, words & layers in a meditative freestyle. She has an art studio in the heart of the Starland District in Savannah, GA.  Joanne has screened her short films, performed on stage and exhibited art in New York City, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Savannah. 

Joanne founded the FCW Society, an international community of feminist women that respects, empower, and celebrate women.  She  co-founded  Anahata Healing Arts, a spiritual arts community and created the Gratitude Circle in in the Squares in Savannah. 

Joanne started hosting Gratitude Circles in 2013 in the historic squares in Savannah, GA. Since then Joanne has shared gratitude with 900+ people in over 150 public gatherings in person and online.

My belief is that peace is possible when we share positive energy with others.  

Joanne was the Executive Director of the Savannah Earth Day Festival  between 2015-2019.  Joanne has also served on the board of Savannah Urban Garden Alliance, Cine Women NYC, and Women in the Director’s Chair – Chicago and was the NYC Outreach Coordinator for the 2004 March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC.   She was the Environmental Steward for the live action “Lady and the Tramp” by Disney. 

Most recently, Joanne has been selected to be part of the Partnership for Southern Equity – Just Energy Academy (JEA) 2020. JEA is a seven-month leadership development program created to educate the next generation of equity leaders who aspire to be energy equity and climate justice leaders in their communities.